Welcome to Woodville.  I'm Denny Hayward, a Wood Turner who resided in Rapid City, South Dakota, and has now relocated to Southwest Michigan. I recognized my passion for turning wood from my high school Woodworking Class.  I have a deep-seated passion for working with the many species of woods, bringing out the Trees' internal beauty, aromas and feel. In the last few years my focus has been on Mineral Inlayed plates, platters, lidded boxes, vases & bowls from hardwoods and exotics, as well as local species from Michigan.

I feel as though all turnings "Cry out to be handled".

 I have been inspired to create designs & objects on turned Plates & Bowls, then Inlaying them with Minerals from all over the world as well as the Black Hills of South Dakota, which holds many different beautiful minerals.  Adding Minerals to Wood is only natural as they they enhance the Beauty of both, coming from "Mother Earth". 

Although the technique of the turnings are not mine, the shapes, designs and combinations of different wood species are, and is generated in my heart.

Costume Orders Accepted and Encouraged!

"If you don't have time to turn, you're out of time". 

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