Variety of Bowls

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Bowl of Highly Curly Michigan Ash

$ 105 USD

This 10 inch Bowl is very attractive.  Curly Ash is fairly rare, so is truly one of a kind piece.  Functional if wiped out with damp cloth after using.  No liquids!


Figured Maple Bowl

$ 125.00 USD

A highly figured Maple bowl 10" dia and 8" deep makes a very wonderful center piece.  One of a kind Maple


Spalted Maple 8" Bowl

$ 50.00 USD

This unique bowl was turned from a piece of Spalted Maple with many black lines.  Very attractive!


Michigan Figured Cherry Bowl

$ 200.00 USD

This 15" Bowl turned from Local Cherry shows many figures, with such character.  Truely one of a kind.


Bowl # 110 15" Michigan Cherry

$ 200.00 USD

This Fifteen inch Cherry bowl is oil finished and food proof.  Beautiful Michigan Cherry.

Will hold a whole night of popcorn!




Bowl 111 Michigan Hackberry

$ 75 USD

This 10" bowl is turned from Hackberry, not real common in Michigan.  Finished with poly, waxed and buffed it is food safe for dry material, or just pretty to look at.



Bowl # 107

$ 135.00 USD

This 9" bowl was turned from a Walnut Burl.  The natural voids and cracks in the burlwood was filled with a turquoise colored mineral from the Black Hills of South Dakota.



Spalted Maple Bowl

$ 85.00 USD

9" Spalted Maple Bowl.  Striking colors and much character.



Bowl of Michigan Walnut

$ 300.00 USD

This is a 15 inch walnut bowl from Michigan Walnut.  Outstanding grains, and rich in color.  Big enough to bathe a new-born, well, maybe one shouldn't put water in this gorgeous piece.  Will hold alot of popcorn! 

Shipping is NOT included.  Shipping will be exact costs.



Bowl # 98

$ 150 USD

10" bowl turned from Michigan "YEW" wood.  Very striking color, grains and inclusions.  Two knot holes were filled with Florite, and has a purple hue when light shines through.  Truly one of a kind piece.


Red Elm

$ 90 USD

This is a 8" Red Elm bowl with beaded edge.  Very striking colors.




Wormy Maple Bowl #93

$ 90 USD

This is another wormy Maple Bowl from Appalachia maple.  Very striking spalding effects, and colors.  Truly one of a kind piece.  Free Shipping!



Ambrosia Maple

$ 95 USD

This 8" bowl was turned from Ambrosia Maple.  Very colorful and shows some spalting, thanks to the Ambrosia Beetle.




Bowl # 97

$ 200 USD

This 9" Wormy Ambrosia Maple Bowl is mounted on a foot of Black Walnut.  Inlay in foot bottom.  Don't worry, the worms are long gone, but their tiny little holes remain.


Willow "Bugwood"

$ 55 USD

This 11" Weeping Willow Bowl contains many bug holes.  Very colorful and certainly shows the life cycle of our trees.


Camphor Bowl 9" from FL. # 70

$ 55.00 USD

This 9" Bowl was turned from Camphor.  Great grains and figures.  Still retains the Camphor smell on the outside bottom.



Figured Maple Bowl

$ 200.00 USD

This 13 inch Figured Maple Bowl is most interesting.  Wonderful figures, and colors.  Truly one of a kind piece.


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