Hollow Forms turned from Highly Figured Hardwoods 

Figured Maple Hollow Form

$ 165.00 USD

This 10" Hollow Form has many different figures throughout.  Truly one of a kind piece.


Maple Burl Hollow Form

$ 85 USD

"Pacific Serenity" Highly figured burl of Maple from the Pacific Northwest coastal Range.  Titled for the peace among the chaos of the pacific surf.


Myrtle Hollow Form

$ 105 USD

Myrtle form on a foot of Wenge. Titled "Peace in Fog" # 4. The  figures in this piece remind me of the fog drifting slowly down the coastal range of the Oregon forest toward the ocean. 


Spalted Maple Hollow Form

$ 50 USD

This little hollow form was turned from a piece of Spalted Maple.  The Ambrosia Bettle causes the black lines by carrying fungus from the forest floor into the wood. 4" Dia


Cherry Hollow Form

$ 85 USD

Highly Figured Cherry form.  Rare figures in this Michigan cherry.  Natural voids were inlayed with black minerals.  Will age to a great dark red color making the existing figures stand out even more dramatic.


Walnut Hollow Form

$ 80 USD

This form was turned from Highly Figured Walnut from Michigan.  Fairly rare to find.  Aprox 5" in Dia. Very pleasing to the eye. 


Myrtle Hollow Form

$ 80 USD

This piece is figured Myrtle from the southwest Oregon forest.  Many different varations of figures.  Aprox 5.5" in Dia.  Beautiful rare Myrtle.


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