Hollow Vessels from various Woods 

Figured Walnut Vessel

$ 225.00 USD

This is truly one of a kind vessel, turned from a crotch walnut.  Figures show the stress on the tree from the branch.  Shipping will be added on this one as it is 1" thick and very heavy.


Figured Maple Vessell.

$ 150.00 USD

This beautiful Highly Figured Michigan Hard Maple Vessell is 10" across at top, and is finished with oil, waxed and buffed.  Very atractive from all angles.  Enjoy


Crotch Maple Hollow Vessell

$ 105.00 USD

This 9" Hollow Vessell is turned from a section of the tree where it forks together, ie; Crotch wood.  Many figures, bark inclusions, and actually voids or holes.  Truly one of a kind piece. 



Cherry Hollow Vessel

$ 85 USD

This vessel was turned from Michigan Cherry, the natural cracks & voids were filled with a black mineral, Tourmaline.  Very attractive with the white wood contrast.


Hollow Vessel

$ 85.00 USD

Turned from figured Crotch Walnut, this piece is very striking with the figures and highlights.  One of a kind piece.


Deo Dara Cedar Vessel

$ 105 USD

Turned from Deo Dara Cedar which is found in the Pacific Northwest here in the US.  It is normaly referred to as Himalayan Cedar.  Wonderful Patena.


Hollow Vessel

$ 65.00 USD

Mulberry Hollow vessel with a bottom of Wenge.  Very striking color combination.


Hollow Vessel

$ 65.00 USD

This is the same vessel as above showing it setting upright.  Sometimes even the seasoned turner makes a mistake, but is able to save the piece by maiting another section to the piece.  Very nice colors.


Hollow Vessel

$ 80.00 USD

This piece was turned from a rare Spruce Root Burl.  Many colors and highlights make this a "One of a Kind" piece.


Hollow Vessel

$ 85 USD

Elm wood is so unique.  Not many people consider using it due to its' reputation.  But turning it is unlike trying to use it for boards and furniture.  Wonderful Grains, with many variations and figures.


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