Lidded Boxes of many different woods, and inlays. 

Lidded Vessel

$ 225.00 USD

Cherry and Maple added to make this beautiful Lidded Vessel.  A true one of a kind piece!



Figured Myrtle Lidded Box

$ 95 USD

Myrtle is unique only to southwest Oregons coastal range valleys.  Member of the Laural family, ie.BayLeaf, it is very beautiful wood.  This is a light Myrtle, with beautiful figures. 


Birdseye Maple & Walnut Box

$ 85 USD

5" Lidded box with Birdseye Maple lid and Walnut base. Great for storing your "Treeasures".


Cherry Lidded Box

$ 45 USD

4" Lidded Box of Cherry with handle and burned rings.  Another box for storing your "Treasures".



Black Lined Cherry Lidded Box

$ 85 USD

3.5" Michigan Cherry contains many black grain fine lines.  Lid inlayed with Gemstone of Yellow Turquoise.  Very attractive. Truly one of a kind piece as the figures in the wood are rare.


Bubinga Lidded Box

$ 35 USD

2" Lidded box of Bubinga, aka African Rosewood.  Lots of color and different grains.  Makes nice storage for Rings.


Black Walnut box iwth Gemstone

$ 45 USD

3" Black Walnut box with a Mexican Lace Agate inlayed in lid.  Great patterns in the gemstone!



Sadona Elm Burl Box

$ 35 USD

2" Lidded box of rare Sadona Elm Burl.  Very attractive figures and burl dots.  Another nice "Ring" box.


Maple Box with Malachite

$ 45 USD

3" Highly Figured Maple Box with Malachite Gemestone Inlay


Cherry Box with Gemstone

$ 45 USD

2.5" Lidded Cherry Box with Yellow Turquoise stone.  Very attractive box for storing your Treasurers


Figured Birch

$ 40 USD

3" Highly Figured Birch lidded box with handle.  This Curly Birch is very unique. 


Lidded Box # 217

$ 45.00 USD

This Lidded Box is turned from wood of a Catalpa Tree.  The lid finiale is ebonized Walnut.  Great grains in the Catalpa.


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