Minerals added to wood is only natural, as it enhances the beauty of both, being from "Mother Earth"

Dragon Fly Inlayed Plate

$ 300.00 USD

This 11" Figured Maple Plate is inlayed with many different Minerals.  Dragon Flys spend 7 years as an aquatic insect, and once becoming the flying Dragon, it continues to Hunt until it mates and dies.  Very atractive one of a kind piece. The Hunter Series


Humming Bird Plate

$ 275.00 USD

This 11" Figured Maple Plate is inlayed with Minerals from all over the world.  The Hummer Series


Circle of Love Series

$ 280.00 USD

This is a 11" Maple plate, inlayed with the mineral calcite.  Titled Circle of Love!


Humming Bird Inlayed Platter

$ 280 USD

This 11" Highly Figured Big Leaf Maple Platter is inlayed with various minerals.  One of my "Hummer" Series.  Very attractive!

SOLD!  Another one avialable Sept. 1st 2017


Titled "Winter"

$ 150 USD

This 12" Maple plate with a Moose and snow covered tree was inlayed with various minerals.  Star of the East shines above.


"The Hunter"

$ 450 USD

13" Maple plate inlayed with Calcite, Azurites,Argonites & Malachite.  Dragonflys spend 7 years in water as a nymph hunting acuatic insects and small fish.  Once metamorphised, they continue to hunt the rest of their short life.


Black Hills Buffalo

$ 400 USD

This 13" maple plate is inlayed with various minerals from here in the Black Hills as well as sandstone from the Missouri River in South Dakota.  Representing the several herds now located in the State.



"Lake Superior" Series

$ 350 USD

Inspired by Fall in the UP of Michigan, this 12" plate of maple is inlayed with a calcite maple leaf.  Rim is inlayed with Sandstone from Lake Superior


"Black Hills" Series Alder

$ 120 USD

Plate of "Alder" inlayed with Black Tourmaline, yellow/green Lepodolite & Mica, all of which are mined here in the Black Hills. 8" Dia


"Black Hills" Series-Maple

$ 120 USD

This maple plate is inlayed with White Feldspar, Black Tourmaline, and Rubalite Tourmalines still mined here in the Black Hills.  8" Dia


"Black Hills" Series-Cherry

$ 120 USD

This plate of beautiful Cherry is inlayed with Salmon Feldspar, Quartz, Tourmaline & Mica mined here in the Black Hills. 


Myrtle Platter

$ 75 USD

This platter was turned from Myrtle, which only grows in Southwest Oregon.  Very attractive with different colored grains.


Inlayed Purple Heart Plate

$ 115 USD

Puple Heart plate, 7" in dia. inlayed with shells from my favorite New Jersey shore.  Titled"Atlantic Tides" Very Striking in contrast.  Only 4 in the Series.


Birch Plate Titled "Spring"

$ 200.00 USD

Birch Plate 12" Inlayed with various minerals of Spring flowers in the center.  Rim is inlayed with local minerals.


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